TRIVIA – Tuesdays at 7:00 PM

Brewery Terra Firma
2959 Hartman Rd
Traverse City, MI 49685



1st Place: $30.00 GC
2nd Place: $20.00 GC
3rd Place: $10.00 GC

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TV’s: 5
Big Screens:5
Pool Tables: N/A

Varies Nightly


Brewery Terra Firma is a production brewery, taproom and farm located on 10 acres in Traverse City, Michigan. Brewmaster and owner John Niedermaier is a TC native with over 30 years brewing experience, the last 22 spent brewing commercially in the area. His knowledge, experience, and love of the craft combined with his creativity results in an amazing variety of brews, all beautifully balanced, complex, clean, and wonderfully drinkable. Just as a painter understands that you can use color in different ways, through blending, layering, and contrasting, so John understands flavor and he’s able to utilize a huge variety of whole, natural ingredients, incorporating their subtle notes, aromas and flavors.
Our farm serves two purposes; Allowing us to grow a portion of the ingredients for some of our beers, and allowing us to reuse all of the waste products from the brewing process. While most people are aware the left over or “spent grains” in brewing that are often utilized as livestock feed or in baking, fewer are aware of the huge volume of water that is produced as a byproduct. We’re able to use both, the grain helping to condition our sandy soils, and the high organic content water serving as both irrigation and fertilization. Since opening in 2013, we have reclaimed anywhere from 40,000 to 60,000 gallons of brewery process water annually and reused it as “fertigation” on our crops via a low-tech, efficient process developed in cooperation with Michigan State University and the Michigan DEQ. Monthly sampling allows us to keep tabs on the amount of nutrients we’re applying to our fields to insure that it’s appropriate for the crops planted, and that we’re not over-fertilizing.
What does it all mean? Well, drink a pint of Bee Hive Honey Blonde, and you’ll be enjoying honey that came from hives here on the farm. The bees in those hives foraged on flowers grown with reclaimed water from a previous batch of beer. The pint you drink today generated somewhere around a growler’s worth of leftover process water to brew it. Instead of just throwing that water away, dumping it down the drain, that water will be captured and put back to work growing ingredients for a future batch a beer. Farm to brewery to farm to brewery to…
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2959 Hartman Rd
Traverse City, MI